A thousand years of history

A house of almost one thousand years, owned by the same family, has a thousand stories to tell. Stories of generations who have seen different eras, who have lived different lives. Unfortunately, we are not always able to pass on our experiences directly to future generations, over time the stories lose sharpness and the details gradually dissolve, so the places become the only link between the people who have preceded us and allow us to savor feelings of the past.

This house can tell all these stories to those who want to be lulled by the silence of the night, when only a few barks in the distance breaks the silence of its walls.

The Bartali family

The Bartali family is a noble family from Siena with very ancient origins. I like to mention Giuseppe Girolamo Bartali who in 1685 was Prior of the Confraternity of San Galgano, a prestigious and significant position in the bond of this family to this territory.

He was again Prior from 1712 to 1715.

As evidence of the devotion of this family to San Galgano, even Fr Silvio Bartali in 1809 covered this role, as reported by the archives of the Confraternity.