Chiusdino is located on the metalliferous hills between Siena and Grosseto. Its origins are very old, the first allocations, in fact, are of Lombard origin. It was a major development in the early Middle Ages thanks to the exploitation of silver mines and flourishing agriculture.

The village is home to some churches of rare architectural value, such as the church of San Michele and San Sebastiano. The city walls, with the Senese gate, are perfectly preserved and allow you to appreciate the climate of a distant era, giving you enchanting views. Particularly beautiful are the district of Portino and the district of the Buche, divided by Via Paolo Mascagni which flows into the Porta Senese.

Suggested itineraries

Chiusdino offers many opportunities to totally immerse yourself in the Tuscan countryside

  • Artistic itineraries
    They are certainly worth visiting: the medieval village of the village, the Abbey of San Galgano, the Hermitage of Montesiepi and the Hermitage of Santa Lucia, without forgetting the nearby Siena or the charming Pentolina.
  • Naturalistic itineraries
    It is worth strolling between Monticiano and San Galgano, visiting the river Merse and the poggio di Fogari, countless trips are possible in the beautiful chestnut woods of the area.


Being able to walk around Chiusdino allows you to savor the typical atmosphere of an ancient village: a breathtaking view of the valley below and the buildings witnesses of ancient past times.

San Galgano

The Hermitage of Montesiepi is the church that houses the Sword in the Rock. This sword was stuck by San Galgano in 1180 as a sign of renouncing violence and the beginning of a life of penance and meditation. After its sanctification, which took place five years later, this building was erected as a sign of devotion to the Saint.

Val di Merse

The river Merse offers the opportunity to literally get lost in the Tuscan nature. It is possible to take wonderful walks going back up its course and in many places it is also possible to dive for a refreshing bath, needless to say that its fresh waters are transparent like crystal.