Usefull Info

Useful information

Here are some small suggestions for those who are passing through Chiusdino, they are given by those who, like you, live the place of "stranger" and we hope they will allow you to find what you are looking for:

Where to shop

Chiusdino is a small town where, however, you can find everything you need for a pleasant stay. Shops are typical of small towns, but you can always find a lot of courtesy and quality local products. Here are some details

  • Coop Supermarket
    400 meters from the house; small supermarket for basic necessities, excellent bread, cold cuts and cheeses. Especially during high season it is good to go early in the morning to find the best bread.

  • Butcher Nicola Vannini
    350 meters from the house, you will find excellent meat, we suggest you try the Cinta Senese pork and ask for some famous steaks. There are many local products that Nicola will offer you.

  • Greengrocer Carla Vannini
    400 meters from the house; a shop of other times, where you will find products at kilometer zero, ask Mrs. Carla for advice. In summer, if you like tomatoes, ask for those coming from the nearby farms, they are really special. You will also find excellent wine.

Where to eat

In Tuscany it is quite difficult not to find a place where you can eat well, here in Chiusdino there are several restaurants where you will certainly find yourself very well:

  • La grotta dei Tiburzi
    50 meters from the house; is a Tuscan restaurant doc, you will find very special and typical dishes in a very nice environment.
  • Il Minestraio
    200 meters from the house; it is a very easy restaurant, where you can eat well the classic dishes of Tuscan cuisine.
  • Bar Bellavista
    300 meters from the house; it is a restaurant that offers a breathtaking view, prepares pizzas and quick dishes; a great place to enjoy an aperitif.
  • Il Palazzetto
    3 km from home; is a Tuscan restaurant to try, we recommend the meat here is particularly good.
  • Salendo
    4 km from home; is a wine bar, ideal for lunch, where you can eat while enjoying a splendid view of San Galgano.
  • Bistrot dei Galli
    3 km from home; it is a restaurant that offers a small and romantic garden (in summer), excellent cuisine, but above all a magical atmosphere.

Where to go

  • Walls of the Country and the Historical Center
    20 meters from the house; Chiusdino offers truly suggestive views typical of a medieval village. The historic center reflects the typicality of the historic centers of central Italy, perched on a hill, very clean and well-kept, with some interesting monuments, very beautiful views of the surrounding territories.
  • Civic and Diocesan Museum
    100 meters from home; it is a small museum spread over 3 floors, free in case you have visited the Abbey of San Galgano. It is very nice both for the various rooms and for the works on display.
  • House of San Galgano
    200 m from the house; who remains fascinated by the history of the saint can not but visit the house in Chiusdino. The original dwelling of S Galgano, despite the need for renovation works, shows its authenticity intact, located right between the houses of the original medieval settlement.
  • San Galgano Abbey
    4 km from the house; the abbey maintains its charm so isolated in the plain. Convenient parking. Walk to visit the abbey that with its characteristic lack of roof has something unique.
  • San Galgano Hermitage
    4 km from the house; the Rotonda or Eremo di Montesiepi was built immediately after the death of the saint over the ancient hut where San Galgano lived the last year of his life. The Hermitage was consecrated in 1185 by the bishop of Volterra Ildebrando Pannocchieschi with the imprimatur of Pope Lucius III. Here you will find the original sword in the rock.
  • Pozzo di Malera
    3 km from the house; hidden from the vegetation is this very charming place, where the river Merse offers a natural waterfall where it is possible, in the summer months, to take a bath and enjoy a suggestive view of crystal clear waters. To reach it, follow these directions, go down to Segolino (which you take from the main road towards Grosseto), then turning left when you come to the main Massetana road, after about 600 meters, turn right towards Luriano, you take a dirt road and follow it for about 2 km. The entrance to the Well is on the left when climbs and descents end. By parking in a field, you will find n feel that it drops rather steeply, eventually you will be rewarded ...
  • Monticiano / San Galgano Walking
    5 km from the house; by parking the car near the municipal swimming pool a path leads into the woods that allows you to reach on foot, about 3 km, the abbey of San Galgano, crossing the river Merse on a picturesque wooden bridge.
  • Castle of Miranduolo
    3.5 km from the house; The excavation of Miranduolo is part of the vast series of archaeological investigations on this type of settlement, conducted by the area of ​​Medieval Archeology of the University of Siena in central-southern Tuscany since the 80s of the last century.