The House

Casa Bartali

Staying in this house allows you to experience a real environment, not artifact for tourists, but original experience that we share with our guests, true travelers. Every room, every detail really gives the idea of a special place, that we are sure you can like and that deserves the respect you have for the precious things.

Despite this, staying at home Bartali is within the reach of all those who want to try this unique experience, and find the real flavors, those of which many speak, but of which few know the essence.

The house has a total of 5 beds, two living rooms with fireplace, a bathroom and a kitchen for a total of 130 square meters.

The entrance

Already from the key with which you will open the door you will understand the type of house in which you are about to enter. For example, the entrance offers a furnished space to cheer the guests waiting with an irregular pavement on which all those who entered Bartali have walked for hundreds of years.

Entrance hall

The Hall located at the entrance of the house is embellished with a fireplace in front of which you can relax back from one of the beautiful walks you can do. Everywhere in the house you will find books that are at your disposal for a moment of relaxation.

Red Salon

This living room, next to the entrance hall, is the dining room. Here, too, a fireplace will warm up your dinners or allow you to cook some excellent meat easily available in the village. From this living room you access the kitchen.

The kitchen

A small but functional kitchen complete with induction hobs with attention to the smallest details.

The bathroom

The bathroom is in its own way a "place to visit", its beauty are the stones and the entrance door that make it at last a room to live like the rest of the house, without forgetting some modern comforts such as the shower with the hydromassage.

The corridor

No environment is trivial in this house, every piece of furniture each pillow has been chosen to enhance the beautiful original floors and ceiling beams.

Suite "Le Mura"

This room can truly offer a corner of peace, high ceilings with classic beams, a rustic and lived-in furniture, a view over the valley that does not fear rivals and that will give you a peaceful sleep and true emotions.

Suite "La Porta"

This room is simply beautiful, the two windows look on one side of the Senese gate and San Galgano, on the other side of the valley towards Siena.

Some information to stay

The living room provides, on request, linen: sheets and towels, while light and water are included. A final cleaning fee is expected.

The house, being ancient, is NOT equipped with a traditional heating system, the cold is fought with the chimneys as it once was; certainly less practical than modern heating, but effective and romantic as you would expect to find in such places.

The anmali (domestic) are welcome, to them, as their masters ask respect for the places that will host them.